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LGV/HGV & PCV Driver Training

Train to become a professional LGV/HGV driver

You cannot possibly risk your career by enrolling in any school around the corner. Professionals make professionals and for the exact same reason it is important that you choose the right kind of HGV training centre with dedicated driving instructors like ours for your training.

Our HGV training has helped hundreds of students in getting their CAT C1 licence so they can start a career in the transportation industry. Our students are competitive and skilled and always ready to enter the flow of work under special circumstances. Make the right decision for yourself and enrol today for a rewarding and successful career.

License Categories for Training

What our Courses are based on?

We have made it extremely easy for you to decide about taking up this career by addressing all your concerns and questions to gain your trust in what is best. The transport and logistics industry has been blooming every passing year thus increasing the demand of skilled drivers.

If you want to step into this career then we prepare you through training to get various licenses. For instance,
• CAT- C Licence is for driving vehicles of 3500kgs with trailers weighing under 750kgs
• CAT-C+E Licence is for driving vehicles of 3500kgs with trailers of 750kgs
• CAT-C1 Licence is for vehicles weighing from 3500kgs to 7500kgs with trailers under 750kgs
• CAT-C1+E Licence is for vehicles weighing from 3500kgs to 7500kgs with trailers of 750kgs

PCV, LGV & HGV Training

With our theoretical and practical HGV training, we make sure that you pass your test easily without any hurdles and start a promising career in this industry. Not only do we train but we also help you settle in your new job.

Bus, PCV Driver Training

Looking to get your CAT-D license? We have trained numerous PCV Drivers for their CPC and Bus driver training so they can start providing their services in various parts of the country.

Forklift Operator Training

We prepare you to work in almost every industry in the country by equipping you with a certificate of forklift operating. Tons of jobs are posted everyday looking for skilled operators who can do the job safely.

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Career Prospects & Job Opprotunities

Great paying HGV jobs available

UK has been facing a severe shortage of professional drivers all across the country and because of that there are hundreds of HGV jobs every day for LGV/HGV drivers. Not to forget the mass production of the goods that has only been increasing has set a demand for more forklift operators to meet the needs.

Many new emerging plans from the government require help with transportation and lifting. This is the golden time to invest in a forklift operator training and a PCV bus driver training so that you can contribute in the growing infrastructure of the country.

What the Transport Industry has to Offer?

A country is nothing without the transport industry. Every single day more and more people are inclining towards taking the bus or public transport for their work or leisure trips.

Many new projects like airports, factories and new highways are undergoing construction which means that the transport industry has more HGV jobs than ever before, making an opportunity for almost everyone related to this industry. Being associated with this industry means, earning up to £30,000 Per anum with incentives and other benefits.

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Course Funding and Loans

  • Your Financial Options

    Your Financial Options

    We give you a funding option where you can complete your training on 0% interest rate and be care free during your course.

  • Job Opportunities

    Job Opportunities

    With our training no one has ever been jobless in the past. We make you a professional so you can grab as many job opportunities as you can.

  • Why Train with us?

    Why Train with us?

    We provide you with a best extensive course which increases your earning and success potential by opening your path for higher and more important places.