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Our Fitness Trainer courses are more than just a gym session workout. We encourage you in redefining yourself by training to become a professional fitness instructor and earning respect and money in this career. With our fitness trainer course you see exceptional results and you feel a huge difference in terms of your life and career.

We are by your side for you fitness training, high performance and an enjoyable life. Choose the healthy way of life with us and learn how to become a personal fitness trainer for many people to bring a difference in their lives.

Our Fitness & Active Leisure Courses

What courses are available?

We are experts at transforming lives by encouraging a healthier lifestyle so that you can even make a career out of it. We are literally a school of healthy living and we offer courses based on the same theory. Following are the courses that we specialise in.

Studio Cycling Workshop

With our Studio Cycling course Learn ways to stay healthy and teach others how to stay fit & healthy by learning various techniques of Studio Cycling from our skilled instructors.

Metabolic Conditioning Workshop

Learn the basics of workout sessions including strength management and core exercises with our Metabolic Conditioning Workshop Course

Gym Based Boxing Workshop

Look ahead for a career as a professional boxer by starting with a Gym Based Boxing Workshop Course.

Personal Trainer Instructor Course

Opt for the most sorted after career in today’s world. Prepare to become a personal fitness trainer instructor for a fun and rewarding career.

Level 3 Personal Training Diploma

Already a personal trainer? Improve your client interaction and trainer instructor skills with us through this Level 3 Personal Training Diploma.

Exercise to Music Instructor

Where there is workout, there is music. Learn to merge with the rhythm by training with us as an exercise to music instructor.

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Career Prospects & Job Opprotunities

Career prospects after your training

Thanks to social media, the trend of a healthier lifestyle is boosting up with each passing day. Huge numbers of people are turning towards gym and fitness in the modern world which is increasing the demand for professional personal fitness trainers and gym fitness instructors.

This career can pay you up to £30,000 per anum and not to forget the fun and bonuses involved. It slowly turns into a passion which leads to your own business start-up in the future.

The Situation of Health & Fitness Industry

Experts have come to a conclusion that in the next few years the fitness industry will be the most bloomed and successful industry out of all. This can give you an idea where the world is heading in terms of fitness and health. A much healthier world will be a much happier world.

It will not be wrong to consider making a career in this industry because currently hundreds of people are enrolling to become personal fitness trainers because of great money and respect involved.

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Course Funding and Loans

A healthy lifestyle has to become a top priority for everyone in the world no matter what age. Start off by getting a training yourself so later on you can become an inspiration to the people who look up to you. You can act as a motivation in their health and fitness regime and instruct them to pick the right way to achieve their fitness goals.

  • Your Financial Options

    Your Financial Options

    We give you a funding option where you can complete your training on 0% interest rate and be care free during your course.

  • Job Opportunities

    Job Opportunities

    With our training no one has ever been jobless in the past. We make you a professional so you can grab as many job opportunities as you can.

  • Why Train with us?

    Why Train with us?

    We provide you with a best extensive course which increases your earning and success potential by opening your path for higher and more important places.