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Professional Culinary & Chef Training Courses

Create Magic on the Plate

We offer full time and part time cooking classes so that you can learn to become a professional chef according to your convenience. Maybe you are thinking to change your career and still need your job, don’t worry, our part time courses are designed to help you in managing both the things respectively.

With theory and practical we assure you that you will master the art of food and cooking in supervision of our highly experienced instructors. We are always looking a step ahead towards your future so you can cash the skill that you will gain for the rest of your life.

Cooking Classes

What our Courses are based on?

Our focus is simply on your success and nothing else. We provide individual attention to every person that enrols, keeping in mind the learning capacities and various nature traits of our students so that they can easily grasp what they are being taught. We have designed our courses according to the standards of this industry which will make your career even safer in the future.

Professional Culinary Diploma

Load yourself with knowledge with our professional culinary diploma where we teach you the basic to extensive chef skills and tricks to increase your food business and job productivity.

Food Safety Level 2 Award

This industry is nothing without food safety and food hygiene. In our Food Safety level 2 award we teach you everything you need to know about food cleanliness and your legal responsibilities.

Ship’s Cook Certificate Assessment

Already a chef and want to increase your value by working on a ship? Let us handle that for you. In ship’s cook certificate assessment we prepare you for your job on board around the seas.

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Career Prospects & Job Opprotunities

Career Prospects after your Culinary Training

Starting from private homes till schools, every organization in the UK requires a professional chef. There is a job opportunities on every corner of the street for a good and authorized chef. You can easily find a job at your local restaurant, up in the air on a plane or down in the sea on a submarine, everyone needs to be fed.

You will be tension free after your culinary training in terms of your finances because you can easily make £30,000 per annum on a job and even more than that if you are running your own business.

What the Hospitality Industry is like?

The growing trend of eating out has left the food industry with a shortage of chefs and kitchen staff which has created a golden chance for new people to complete their training and start working in different places starting from pubs to fine dining restaurants.

Thanks to the amazing cooking shows and adverts on the TV that many fresh graduates are now entering this business and are eager to make their name in it.

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Course Funding and Loans

The food business is always at the peak of success, making hundreds of jobs for new emerging chefs. If you are passionate about food and let’s say want to become a pastry chef or a sea food specialist then our cooking classes are the best for you. Be it for your personal knowledge or you train to run your own food business, our cooking classes cover everything from cooking to various food business strategies.

  • Your Financial Options

    Your Financial Options

    We give you a funding option where you can complete your training on 0% interest rate and be care free during your course.

  • Job Opportunities

    Job Opportunities

    With our training no one has ever been jobless in the past. We make you a professional so you can grab as many job opportunities as you can.

  • Why Train with us?

    Why Train with us?

    We provide you with a best extensive course which increases your earning and success potential by opening your path for higher and more important places.